Download jar file or use maven. psjava requires Java 1.6 (or above)


Example Code

// Set is an read-only interface which is different from java.util.Set
// MutableSet interface is modifiable.

MutableSet<String> set1 = GoodMutableSetFactory.getInstance().create();
set1.add("A"); // 'add' method's parameter value is must not be exsit in the set
set1.addIfAbsent("A"); // 'addIfAbsent' is more generous.

int size = set1.size(); // must be 3

// You can insert many items at once.
InsertAllToSet.insertAll(set1, VarargsIterable.create("X", "Y", "Z"));

// You can simply create a set from values.
Set<Integer> set2 = SetFromVarargs.create(1, 2, 3, 4);

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